Garbage Cans & Carts

Sanico has a “wheely” good deal for our garbage collection customers. A new wheeled collection cart system that is convenient and simple. Here’s how it works…

At no additonal charge, Sanico will provide its residential customers with a special wheeled 65 gallon collection cart *(cart remains the property of Sanico). You no longer need to purchase your own garbage cans.

Convenient: The cart system helps you by consolidating your weekly garbage into one large cart that can easily be wheeled to the curb. Lifting is eliminated.

Sturdy and stable: The carts are designed to be extremely stable, so they won’t tip over or roll away. Because the lids are permanently attached, they can’t blow off in high winds.

Animal and insect resistant: The attached lids are designed so animals and insects are unable to get in.

Safe and efficient curbside collection: Our new collection trucks are specifically designed to lift the cart from your curb and safely empty it into the truck. All you have to do is put your cart out at the curb on your normal collection day.

When shopping for your own garbage can, please keep in mind that a worker must be able to lift and empty your container. Manufacturers have created a large variety of garbage cans to choose from, not all of which are suitable for garbage collection. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has imposed rules on what our workers can lift. Do not use cans larger than 32 gallons for garbage or 20 gallons for recycling. If you recently purchased a garbage can larger than 32 gallon capacity, return it to your retailer for a refund.

Be aware that Sanico may decline to service any can which was manufactured for a purpose other than for garbage collection. 55 gallon drums or any can where the top opening is smaller than any other part of the can will not be collected.