All of our service area is bear habitat. Black bears that rely on garbage as a food source will become a nuisance. The New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife reported that there were 29 house entries in 1999. Customers should take precautions regarding storage of garbage.

The following information is reprinted from the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife.

In areas where black bears occur, the proper storage and sanitation of residential and commercial garbage is the best method for prevention of nuisance problems. Follow these guidelines to prevent problems:

  • All garbage must be stored in airtight containers
  • Wash these containers at least once a week with a disinfectant solution to remove any odors
  • Store garbage in a secure area such as a garage, basement or shed and keep doors closed
  • Do not store garbage cans against the doors of the garage, basement or wooden shed
  • Keep garbage inside the secure area until the morning of collection

REMEMBER: The best damage and nuisance control technique is prevention. Begin prevention measures before damage occurs.

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